General Guarantee Conditions:

  • The guarantee is valid only if the Tempur Product is used and handled correctly as per the instructions enclosed with your product. Please make sure you retain them.

  • The guarantee relating to mattresses, pillows and small products does not cover normal changes in hardness/softness or properties which do not affect the pressure relieving properties.

  • The guarantee covers physical defects and changes which cause a visible, permanent indentation, more than 2cm, in the Tempur material. (This does not apply to loose filled pillows.)

  • Complaints should be made to the authorised stockist from whom the product was bought.
  • To make a claim under the guarantee you must present the original invoice or sales receipt as evidence of your purchase.

The guarantee does not apply :

  • If the TEMPUR instructions for using, cleaning and maintaining the product have not been followed., or if the product has otherwise been damaged as a result of poor maintenance, or careless use.

  • If the product has been bent, squeezed etc in cold temperatures or for a period of time causing the material to tear or be permanently deformed.

  • If the TEMPUR Product has been wet or soaked. The TEMPUR Material absorbs fluids and is difficult to dry, which reduces the functionality permanently.

  • If the product is very soiled or unhygienic.

  • If a TEMPUR Product has been altered or repaired without the permission of TEMPUR.
  • To zips on the cover of TEMPUR products unless faulty upon receipt of the product.
  • If products are repaired under the guarantee, the original guarantee period is not extended.  Please note the guarantee is for repair or replacement only.

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